Babiński Clinical Psychiatric Hospital

Ruczaj-Tyniec ()

Dr Józef Babiński Clinical Psychiatric Hospital. Many innovative means of treating psychological conditions were developed at this hospital complex in Kobierzyn. It was built by the Diet of the Kingdom of Galicia in 1907–17, and was the region’s second psychiatric institution, very modern for its time. The 52-ha park houses 15 pavilions for 800 patients and residential buildings for the staff. It included a bakery, laundry, football pitch, gardens, work therapy workshops, and the chapel. Greenery, and working in the fresh air, were to help patients to return to good health. It is no wonder that the whole complex is now listed as a heritage site. During the Second World War, the Nazis transported its patients to Auschwitz where they were murdered. After the war, Kobierzyn reopened as a child psychiatric unit (with a school and kindergarten) and offered treatment of addictions.