Lasoty Hill

Podgorze ()

Lasoty Hill standing in the southern part of Kraków takes its name from an ancient Slavic men’s name. At its top is one of the most precious elements of Kraków’s sacred architecture and the city’s smallest church: the Romanesque-Gothic Church of St Benedict from the 13th c. In the mid-19th-c., Feliks Księżarski designed the nearby Benedykt Fort No. 31, an element of the Austrian Kraków Fortress. The nearby art nouveau and modernist villa complex on top of Krzemionki Hill includes the historicist Villa Julia. The 90-metre-long mural on the retaining wall of the hill by al. Powstańców Śląskich was painted to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the Great Kraków Charter and presents the history of the city from the earliest days to today.