Monastery on Srebrna Gora

Zwierzyniec-Bielany ()

Monastery on Srebrna Góra (Silver Mountain). The Camaldolese Monastery standing on one of the highest elevations of the Sowiniec Range is often called “na Bielanach”, a name probably taken from the white of the monks’ habits. The Monastery and the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary were founded in 1604 by the Crown Marshal and is the first Camaldolese hermitage in Poland. Soon after, another magnate entrusted the Order with Bielany village and Silver Mountain and the monks immediately embarked on the construction of their hermitages and the church, which was consecrated in 1642. The interior behind one of the most beautiful baroque façades in Kraków is notable for the contrast between the ascetic nave and the rich furnishing of the side chapels with stucco decorations and magnificent altars. The interior, however, can be seen mostly by men as the monks’ rules allow women to visit on only 12 days a year. The monks pray, work, and remain silent, meeting only several times a day to unite in prayer.