Piaski Nowe estate and Primary School

Podgorze Duchackie-Kurdwanow ()

Piaski Nowe estate and Primary School No. 27. This is one of Kraków’s many post-war residential districts. Although Piaski was a medieval village, the residential buildings from pre-cast slabs were built here in 1976–78 to the design of Anna Sierosławska. Her design arranged seventeen 11-floor blocks into a horseshoe that shelters a large green area in its centre, assuring the whole with good lighting and ventilation. Some grumble about “living in blocks”, yet such estates were ergonomically planned with shops, playgrounds, and plentiful greenery, kindergartens and schools. School No. 27 is a typical school building from the time of communism: similar elongated boxes with large windows are found all over Poland and provide education to successive generations of children in the neighbourhood.